About Microtexne


It was in 2004 when I discovered my vocation almost by accident while I was an assistant in the computer lab of the university where I was studying Physics.

So after correcting course and graduating years later as a Computer Programmer Analyst, in 2007 I founded Microtexne Informática Ltda.

But microtexne is not just one person, we form a team when the development project requires it. We love our work, and we like it when our customers leave satisfied.


Since 2007, we have accumulated valuable experience, developing software to solve needs in areas such as education, human resource management, business management, business intelligence, websites for SMEs and other organizations.

In recent years we have focused our efforts on specifically developing application programs oriented towards vertical business management, thus contributing to the growth of many small businesses and professionals in many countries.


We know how important it is for small business owners to have solutions that are not only good quality, but also affordable, especially when they are just starting out.

That is why we strive daily to develop solutions that really contribute to the growth and strengthening of small entrepreneurs around the world. Simple solutions that allow them to improve their processes and maximize their productivity.

In addition, we try to keep the necessary communication channels active to promptly provide users with the necessary training and guidance for the correct use of these solutions.


- Work from an ethical and empathic point of view.
- Constantly update our knowledge in order to maintain and even improve our skills.
- Constantly seek to develop quality solutions and services.
- Persevere in meeting all the goals described above.



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