Real Estate Brokerage Softwae 👍 Bitanoo

Improve Your Real Estate Brokerage Business

More productivity, more satisfied customers

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Software to optimize processes

Forget about complicated tables in excel or word. With Bitanoo you will carry the information in an optimal and orderly way in a single software.

With this real estate brokerage software you will be able to rent, sell, provide associated services, obtain reports, edit contracts, maintain detailed information about tenants and owners, about real estate maintenance, debts, payments, and much more.

Bitanoo is not only used to manage real estate rentals.

for rent hotel room land for sale for sale puerto velero

With this software you will also be able to manage real estate sales, manage rooms for rent, vacation apartments, seasonal rentals and in general all the activities carried out by a real estate agent.

no contract required

Management software without contracts

Bitanoo will help you improve the management of your real estate rental and sale business, while saving money and becoming more independent.

To use our Bitanoo you don't need to pay a certain amount of money on a regular basis. In this way, you will be free to use it as long as you want without having to pay for renewals or become a true "digital slave".

no internet required

No internet connection required

Take the management of your business to the next level without becoming an eternal payer.

To use this software for homes rental and sale, no internet connection is required, no connection to a web server is required, no annoying monthly payments are required, and no dependence on other external factors is required. Simply install and use without any contract.

software pc user

Friendly and minimalist interface

We designed Bitanoo with the end user in mind. It is intuitive, easy to use and simple in appearance.

However, behind this apparent simplicity lies a powerful ally with which to manage your real estate brokerage business.

Getting started with Bitanoo won't take long as the learning curve is surprisingly short.

save money

Get subscription-free software for rental and sales management

Forget about regular payments and renewable subscriptions. Pay once and get a lifetime use license.

Do not pay more. Our additional services are optional without contractual obligations or commitments. Don't waste your money, hire support only if you need it.

free software

Manage your real estate brokerage business without relying on third parties.

Bitanoo keeps the DB located on your computer. This way you can use this rental and sales software without relying on an Internet connection or server availability.

In addition, includes its own maintenance tools so you can compact the database and make or restore backups without the intervention of third parties. It is even very easy to install and configure.

Stay alert!, Bitanoo will be available from October 2022



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